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Welcome to the IMWA & EMWA Weightlifting Registration Website.
Here you can register and find all up-to-date information for current and future Championships.

The IWF Masters and European Masters have formed and registered two new associations with the Belgium Government.

The IWF Masters will be known in the future as IWMA (International Masters Weightlifting Association) and the European Masters will become the EMWA (European Masters Weightlifting Association).

Please take time to read the new IMWA Rulebook for the Masters. It is important that you make yourself aware of Masters rules for World and European Masters Championships. This version was approved by the 2022 Masters Congress in Orlando in December 2022 by a unanimous vote of 22 nations.
There are no changes to the Masters rules but some changes may possibly be submitted to the World Masters Congress at the championship in Poland in August 2023.

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The online registration has been used since its implementation in 2017...



We provide a clear and concise traffic light system for current and future championship registration.

REGISTRATION CLOSED : Now closed and NO further registrations will be accepted.

REGISTRATION ON HOLD : We are awaiting further information and finalising details. Registration will be available soon...

REGISTRATION OPEN : Now open to all and registrations can be submitted.

You can only register for a Championship with a valid access code.
Please contact your National Masters Chairman for more information.

Download Standards of Eligible Impairments

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European Masters - 2024 reaches 34 years in existence. Successfully organising 33 men’s championships and 31 women’s championships.

World Masters - 2024 reaches 40 years in existence. Successfully organising 38 men’s championships and 29 women’s championships.

2024 European Masters Weightlifting Championship - NORWAY

(WADA Drug testing event)

  • Qualifying period : 12th May 2023 to 1st April 2024
  • Date : 15th to 23rd June 2024
  • Location : QUALITY HOTEL MARITIM, Åsbygata 3, 5528 Haugesund, Norway
  • Opening Date of registration : 1st February 2024
  • Closing Date of registration : 1st April 2024

Before you register, please be certain to read the IMWA Anti-Doping Policy as your registration is verification for your agreement regarding the Policy.
Anti-Doping Policy Here

Please understand this schedule is for guidance only. The final and official schedule can only be produced after the registration is closed.

Even though it is for guidance purposes it is hoped that the schedule is accurate enough to accommodate 900 entries. In addition the sessions with age groups and bodyweights should remain the same.






You must read all the information provided on anti-doping.


Before you register, please be certain to read the IMWA and EMWMA Anti-Doping Policy as your registration is verification for your agreement regarding the Policy...

Almost every athlete who has ever given an “adverse analytical finding” states that they have never taken the substance found in their sample; this is usually followed by a statement that the substance may possibly have been in a supplement they were using.

Ignorance is no excuse, you must make yourself aware in the same way that only you will be held responsible for what you put into your mouth, and this also applies to some prescribed medicines. If you are ever in doubt you can find the list of banned substances on the IMWA and WADA websites.

The IMWA have signed contracts with HUNADO (Hungarian Anti-doping Organisation) and their legal department. At all IMWA and EMWA championships HUNADO will send their DCO’s (Doping Control Officers) to conduct all the doping controls.

The legal department will receive all the lab results and deal with results management of all adverse analytical findings. They have also produced the doping control policies for the IMWA and the EMWA by adaptation of the WADA rules.

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Please check the tables of qualifying standards and ensure that you have achieved the standard set for your age group and body weight category.

The qualification standards are not intended to limit the number of registrations, there is no set limit on entries for any championship.

Because you are registering for an international championship, reaching the standard for your age group and bodyweight is important to maintaining the high standard of the competition.

You should be aware of your qualification standard as failure to reach the standard will lead to your competition total not being recognised should you finish in a medal position.

Download Qualifying Standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of all common questions and answers.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, then please Contact Us

Q. Why has the IWF Masters now become the IMWA?

The new IWF Committee produced a new Constitution and Rulebook in which there was no mention of the Masters. In the past the IWF sought to restrict certain Masters rules whilst at the same time asking the IWF Masters to pay a large annual fee, unaffordable and with no benefits. This change frees the IMWA and enables all the committees efforts to be concentrated on the championships and the participants.

Q. Why are there no paper “entry forms” for World and European Masters Championships?

Entries for Masters Championships regularly exceed 500 and have reached almost 1000. This creates an excessive amount of work for the Secretariat to list details from so many forms which are often late due to the postal systems. An online registration system will greatly reduce the workload.

Q. Is the online entry system the only way to submit entries?

Yes it is, for the reasons stated above.

Q. Can I also pay my entry fee by this system?

No! You must send your entry fee with your details to your National Masters Chairperson.

Q. Will my personal information be used for any other purpose once I have registered?

Once the championship ends and any anti-doping violations have been processed, only your name, country, email address, and technical official status will be used to organise technical officials for future championships. Note: A list of all entries for each nation will also be sent to each National Masters Chairperson for verification. If you are not recognised by your National Masters you will be notified immediately that your name has been withdrawn.

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Q. Why must I complete the medical information details in the registration system?

All entries on the registration system are mandatory. In the medical section there is a "bypass" for those who have no medical history or you do not wish to disclose this information. It is worth noting that this information is only to help you should you take ill or be injured during the championship and require immediate medical attention. It will be deleted and only ever used for statistical purpose.

Q. How will I know which day I will compete?

For all championships a Competition Schedule is produced once registration has closed, it will be published to various websites including IMWA and European Masters.

Q. What will happen when the registration system closes?

The system will close on the published “closing date” and no more entries will be accepted.

Q. How will I know when the registration is open to accept my entry for a coming championship?

The system will always open at least 6 months before the start of a championship. You can also visit relevant websites.

Q. Once I have registered will I receive notification that my details have been accepted?

Yes, you will receive an automated email. This will contain all the information you entered at registration and a PDF attachment.

Q. When will I be able to see the actual Competition Schedule to know which day and time of the day I will be competing?

On the website we will reproduce an old schedule from a previous championship and also a schedule not based on actual number of entries but to actually show how the championship will be run. The true Competition Schedule cannot be produced until after the closing date when we have all the accepted entries.

Q. Can I register now and pay my entry fee later ?

No, all championships have a budget which is 100% dependent on the entry fees.

Q. If I register and pay my entry fee and later withdraw from the competition can I claim a refund of my entry fee?

All entry fees are non-refundable. Banking systems vary from country to country and as volunteers it would be time consuming to also process refunds.

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